Regardless the size, shape, or design of the project, Stinger Bridge & Iron has the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to produce theresults you deserve. Founded in 1996, Stinger Bridge & Iron is an AISC certified major bridge fabricator & erector with fracture-critical and sophisticatedpaint endorsements. Stinger Bridge & Iron is the premier major bridge fabricator of the West. Our fast-turn capability and our team focus result intop-quality products completed in record time. Stinger Bridge & Iron can design, fabricate, deliver, and install bridges and bridge components perspecifications and on time.

AISC Certified Fabricator - Advanced (Major) Standard for Bridge and Highway Metal Components

  • Simple Steel Bridges (SBR)
  • Major Steel Bridges (CBR)
  • Bridge Component Standard (CPT)
  • Fracture Crititcal Endorsement (F)
  • Sophisticated Paint Endorsement-Enclosed (P1)
  • Sophisticated Paint Endorsement-Covered (P2)
  • Sophisticated Paint Endorsement-Exposed (P3)

AISC Certified Steel Erector - Advanced

  • Seismic Erection Endorsement
  • Metal Deck Installation Endorsement
  • Bridge Erection Endorsement

AWS Certified Welding in accordance with:

  • D1.1 - Structural Steel - including T-Y-K connections
  • D1.2 - Structual Aluminum
  • D1.3 - Structual Sheet Steel
  • D1.4 - Structual Reinforcing Steel
  • D1.5 - Bridge - including fracture-critical
  • D1.6 - Structural Stainless Steel
  • D1.8 - Structural welding seismic supplement

“To say that Stinger Bridge & Iron is unique could be considered an understatement. After all, the AISC-certified fabricator of bridges and bridge components from Coolidge, AZ., prides itself as a team whose very livelihood is to fabricate, piece together, and erect components that hold human life in the balance. And given the projects the company has taken on—and the way in which they were carried out—who would be brave enough to dispute them?”